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    A successful crowdfunding campaign needs a targeted approach to get real results. We get your creative ideas to the right audience, and work with innovators in film, games, publishing, music and technology. Through targeted social media campaigns and PR strategies we create the right buzz and help you build a community around your work. We have a multilingual staff and an international reach, and our creative team is bursting with ideas.

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    BIG believes content is the foundation of your customers’ trust. We think like journalists, as well as marketers – writing engaging, interesting copy that enriches and educates, yet is optimised and effective across all channels. We take the time to research your consumers and write content that they will relate to. We populate a variety of platforms – across print, websites, apps, social media and more. Our content is effective, targeted and powerful.


    The power of video is now being used extensively in digital content. We can help you to harness this power to communicate directly to your customers. Our sister company is an integrated independent production company producing quality feature film, television and multimedia properties. With its strong links within a creative community of writers, directors and actors, it has built up a reputation for innovation and creativity. We would like to hear from you with any of your multimedia video production projects and how we can integrate this within your current content provision.


    From websites to digital editions, newsletters to social media, your online presence is essential. Customers want to access your content wherever they are – on their laptop, their tablet or their phone. As the way we engage is evolving, we keep you ahead of the curve – from research and strategy to execution and support, we have the skills and knowledge required. Nobody knows how the future will unfold, but no one is better equipped than us to keep you one step ahead. Get in touch to find out how we can provide you and your customers with the ultimate user experience.


    We believe that every design we produce should be beautiful, engaging and easy to read. Holding onto this belief over many years has helped us to build and cement a reputation for consistent excellence in design. We believe that to design well is to communicate clearly – and to communicate clearly you have to know your audience. Whether online or in print, our designs are always tailored to our readers.


    Since 1997 we have worked with clients across a range of sectors – from luxury brands to charities – to deliver professional and polished self-funding publications that are proven to connect with their target audience. We currently specialise in charities, membership organisations, local government and the public sector. We attribute our success to the close relationships we forge with our clients and to the many talents of our staff and contributors.

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    At Big Agency, we believe that each new creative project makes the world a better place. No matter how big your dream is, we can help you achieve it. Based in London, our inspired and passionate team will help you target your audience effectively, professionally and meaningfully. Through magazines, print, websites, emails, video, social media and crowdfunding, our full service agency has the expertise to speak to your customers wherever they are.

    From initial brief through to production and fulfilment, we go BIG to make sure your communications are targeted and effective. By producing content with the right tone for each platform, we’ll deliver your message to your customers on time, in their own language.